Vivisol company is placed at the center of the city
of Sao Paulo and works in all metropolitan region.
Among our branches of work, are:

Home Care

Home Care is a set of hospital procedures that are possible to be conducted at domicile by a multi - professional team with quality and safety. Actions base on the patient reality and aim to promote, maintain and rehabilitate health.


Hospitale in Latin means host, hospitality of a house that hosts and is the origin of the word Hospital. We believe that a personalized and humanized treatment can contribute for a better life quality, irrespective of the place where the patient is. We have equipment that suits to the patients' needs, wherever they are (Surgical Center, ICUs, Inpatient Units and ERs. Our branch Hospitale constitutes of hospitals, backup hospitals, associations, clinics, removal companies, and universities.


This branch is specialized for those whom search for quality services by their own resources. We possess next generation assets able to provide the expected assistance.


Dealer refers to our companies, health professionals and commercial partners, which bring our products and services to regions where Vivisol does not directly act.

Public Sector

With the Public Sector, we offer our services with singular quality for City, State and Nation public levels.

Renting - Selling - MonitoringMedical Equipment for Respiratory Therapy


Personalized assistance with medical follow-up and orientation to choose the best instrument, attending
each patient's individuality, in line with related technological advances to provide specialized assistance.




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